Who are We?

Fertility Bridges is a Surrogate Agency that works with families looking for Gestational Surrogates. We have been in business over five years and have worked with over 100 fertility clinics across the country.

Our families are known for their love of children and their strong desire to have a child of their own. Many have suffered years of infertility and now find new hope of having their baby dreams come true with the help of a special Surrogate and her gift of life.

Our agency works hand in hand with the Surrogate to help ensure that she personally thrives during this experience and that her questions are answered and her needs met.

There is a lot involved behind the scenes of setting up and managing a Surrogate agreement and the unique relationship between the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. We have experienced staff who have been a surrogate themselves and are thereby better equipped to help the entire process go much smoother.

Our Surrogate coordinators are there to support the Surrogate in ways many others can't and to help facilitate and coordinate any additional help she may need. The Surrogate is always our team's number one priority.